The primary research area focuses on functional and molecular optical imaging techniques for early disease detection and image-guided intervention in preclinical and clinical settings. For disease characterization and evaluation of intervention efficacy, there is a strong need for quantitative imaging modalities that can provide (bio)markers fast, frequently and noninvasively. Optical / Photoacoustic imaging modalities can simultaneously quantify functional and metabolic contrasts, such as tissue blood flow, oxygenation, and oxygen metabolism, without the need for contrast agent administration, which is particularly attractive for early diagnosis and intraoperative evaluation in real time. We apply these quantitative techniques for neuro-monitoring,  cancer imaging and therapy monitoring, as well as for monitoring of engineered 3D tissue constructs for regenerative medicine, drug delivery, and neural systems. Overall, portable, and fast multimodal technology has allowed us to study tissue noninvasively in a variety of physiological contexts in both preclinical and clinical settings. 


09/19/2022 Optical-Bioimaging Lab is established at Stony Brook University.

Congratulations to Chris Davies for the Graduate Student Excellence Award!

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We are currently looking for candidates to take an active part in the research and development of novel optical imaging instrumentation and computational methods!

Congratulations to Chien for the Graduate Student Excellence Award!